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During these times of chaos, wars, and economic hard times, many have begun thinking about their own survival. We may ask ourselves, "Will we survive, and will the world survive the coming cataclysms and dark times?"

There are some considerations regarding physical survival, such as having a little water and food put aside for a rainy day, but as many of us are aware, physical survival is not our only consideration. After all, physical survival is only temporal, but spiritual survival is eternal.

Although I have come to the conclusion that the apostle Paul lacked the spiritual discernment Jesus was teaching his disciples, I do like what he had to say to the Ephesians about what we as humans are facing.

Paul understood that we wrestle not just against flesh and blood, but that we also wrestle against unseen forces, against spiritual darkness and wickedness in high places. He suggested we put on the full armor of God if we would survive the end times.

Then we might ask, "How do we put on the full armor of God?"

The only power Creator has revealed to me that Satan cannot defeat is unconditional love without judgment. This is the full armor of God, who is the Spirit of unconditional love.

When Satan tries to get us to darken our own souls and separate us from Creator, he tries to get us to do something hurtful to someone else. He may whisper to us that we need to retaliate for something someone did to us. So this is why it is so important that we have unconditional love resident in our hearts. Then we won't do something mean or hurtful. Our own souls will stay protected in oneness with our heavenly Father.

May we each invite Creator's Spirit to reside in our hearts so we may all spiritually survive these end times.

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End Times Survival

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This article was published on 2010/03/29